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New in 2.8.5

  • Removed registration number handling, as MacSOUP is now free.
  • For SSL connections, support TLSv1 in addition to (and prefer it over) SSLv3.

New in 2.8.4

  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks). However, no support for Classic Mac OS any more.
  • MacSOUP will notice when daylight savings time begins or ends while it is running (at last).
  • Don't break lines in the middle of a word (if the word is longer than the allowed line length). This was especially annoying for long URLs.
  • Added an alternate key for the function of the Enter key in the Subject window and Message window: on US keyboard layouts it's the key above the Return key ('\' on a US keyboard), on ISO keyboards the one to the left of the Return key ('#' on a German keyboard). This is useful because today's Mac keyboards don't have an Enter key any more, but Enter is an important key in MacSOUP, especially in the Subject window; and having to press fn-Return is inconvenient if your left hand holds the coffee mug.
  • In addition to the keys on the numeric keypad, which let you navigate the thread tree in all directions, you can now use the arrow keys while holding down Shift to navigate at least horizontally and vertically. Note that Left-arrow (go to parent article) is different from Shift-Left-Arrow (go the next article that comes directly to the left in the thread tree, no matter how it is related to the current article). Likewise for Right-Arrow.
  • No longer warn when outgoing messages contain non-Latin-1 characters.

New in 2.8.3

  • Worked around a possible crash on startup with certain kinds of Address Book corruption.
  • With very large Address Books, typing in the address fields of an email editor window was very sluggish.
  • The Services menu now works in Snow Leopard.
  • MacSOUP's scripting dictionary can be opened again with the AppleScript editor in Leopard.
  • Minor fixes.

New in 2.8.2

  • Fixed problems when running under Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5):
    • Very low data rates when connecting to the server
    • Bogus error message when clicking in the All Groups or New Groups window
  • Fixed possible crash with the address completion window.

New in 2.8.1

  • No longer uses 100% CPU while connecting to the server.
  • Fixed crash on startup when the address book contains groups with an empty name. (It isn't possible to create such groups with the Address Book application, but third-party sync tools can apparently create them.)
  • Correctly reports Mac OS version in UserAgent header for versions 10.4.10 or newer.
  • Minor fixes.

New in 2.8

  • Universal Binary; runs natively on Intel-based Macs.
  • Fixed a long-standing bug that could cause some menu items to become permanently disabled until you quit and restart MacSOUP.
  • Several minor bug fixes.

New in 2.7

  • Deleting or purging articles from very large groups is now possible. This used to be so slow that MacSOUP appeared to hang.
  • A new "Alternative Font" feature that lets you switch to a different font for the current message only. Useful for switching to a monospaced font for messages that contain tables or ASCII art.
  • Several bug fixes and minor user interface enhancements.

New in 2.6.1

  • Fixed bugs in the address book and in the Services menu support. No new features.

New in 2.6

  • Supports SMTP authentication.
  • Uses the system-wide address book on Mac OS X 10.2 and later.
  • Address auto-completion in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields in outgoing messages.
  • A filter field at the top of the subject window that allows you to narrow down the list to only those articles whose author or subject contains a certain substring.
  • Ability to filter mail by arbitrary headers, not just the couple of predefined ones. Useful to filter mail by headers like "X-Spam-Classification:" which are added by spam filters such as POPFile or SpamBayes.
  • Support for the Services menu on Mac OS X.
  • Several bug fixes and performance improvements. In particular, searching (non-regexp) has become much faster.

New in 2.5

  • Runs natively on Mac OS X (10.1.3 or later).
  • Support for multiple email accounts and multiple personalities.
  • Threading for email.
  • Support for character encodings other than ISO-Latin-1; particularly ISO-8859-15 and UTF-8. (MacSOUP still assumes a western encoding internally, so it can't be used for languages such as Japanese or Polish; however, it handles the Euro symbol properly at last.)
  • A filter text field in the full group list that constrains the display to those groups that contain the given sub-string.
  • A "Post Article" command that opens a new news article to the currently open group, or to the groups that are selected in the main window.
  • Lots of minor improvements and bug fixes.

New in 2.4.6

Oh come on. Who is still interested in such an old version?

Stefan Haller • Berlin, Germany •